Not all websites have a “writers needed” page on their website that tell you how to apply (and what they pay). 

Many, however, do—which can be super helpful if you’re a beginner who’s looking to get their first few gigs.

Here are just 20 websites that that have a writers needed page—all of which publish content on a variety of topics in a wide range of niches ranging from science and politics, to web design and photography.

Best of all, these sites all claim to pay $100 per article or more.

Write for Dotdash Meredith
Pay: $100+ per article for freelance writers, $25 to $30 per hour for freelance content updaters.

Topics: Lifestyle, Beauty, Home, Business, Finance, Technology, Travel, Food, Health

DotDash Meredith is the parent company of a range of authoritative sites including Verywell, The Spruce, The Balance, Investopedia, Lifewire, Byrdie, MyDomaine, TriSavvy, Brides,, ThoughtCo., EatingWell, Better Homes & Gardens, and more. On their Careers page, select the Contract/Freelance tab and look for positions beginning with “Freelance.”

Write for Listverse
Pay: $100 for 1,500 to 2,000 words.

Topics: Entertainment, Lifestyle, Science, Books, Facts, History, Society, Crime, Politics, Religion, Bizarre/Weird Stuff

Listverse is an entertainment-style website with a focus on educational and interesting lists of at least 10 items. Facts should be backed up by reputable sources and writers must have a PayPal account to accept payment.

Write for MoneyPantry
Pay: $30 up to $150 for a minimum of 700 words (ideally 1,000 to 2000).

Topics: Personal Finance

MoneyPantry is a personal finance site looking for blog posts that teach readers how to earn and save money. The more unusual, interesting, and practical — the better. You can increase your chances of scoring a gig with a detailed blog post that includes numbers and strategies.

Write for Better Humans
Pay: Flat rate of $500 for an average 2,750-word piece.

Topics: Advice and How-Tos on Lifestyle, Health, Career, Productivity

Better Humans is a publication that exists exclusively on the writing platform Medium. They accept long-form pieces of personal experiences that help teach and educate others on how to improve their lives. All advice and tutorials must be backed by evidence.

Write for Link-Able
Pay: $150 to $1,000 per article depending on domain rank of the publication, article length, and link attribution.

Topics: All Topics — however you must have good understanding of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and white hat link-building techniques.

Link-Able is on the hunt for writers needed, but it doesn’t have writing jobs on its platform. Instead, it gives established freelance writers and/or experienced guest bloggers the opportunity to earn more by partnering with their clients to publish articles for them on other reputable sites for the sake of building links to help with their SEO. So, for example, if you already write for The Huffington Post, which is a reputable site with a high domain authority, you could earn a few extra hundred dollars just by getting an article published for them (with at least one link included) on their behalf.

Write for Income Diary
Pay: $200 to $500 per iece.

Topics: Internet Marketing, Online Business, SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Income Diary is a business and marketing-focused websites that teaches its readers how to make money online and run their online business. They’re especially interested in writers with knowledge of and experience in SEO at the moment.

Write for HowlRound
Pay: $150 per piece.

Topics: Arts, Theatre

HowlRound is a worldwide community of theatremakers and arts enthusaists that focuses on “progressive, disruptive ideas about theatre.” The site is open to accepting essays that talk about theatre commoning, ideas that challenge the status quo, new forms of theatre practice, equity/inclusivity/accessibility, and theater practices in specific geographical locations.

Write for wiki Expresso Machine
Pay: $100 per 1,5000 to 2,000-word piece.

Topics: Kitchen, Dining, Home, Garden

wiki Espresso Machine is a niche site that has a main focus on reviewing coffee and espresso machine products, however its contributor page claims to accept articles on a wider range of topics in the Kitchen & Dining and Home & Garden niches. You can expect to receive payment 48 hours after your article is published, via PayPal.

Write for Transitions Abroad
Pay: $75 to $150 per 1,250 to 3,000-word piece.

Topics: Travel

Transitions Abroad is a travel site that accepts original articles especially on topics related to working, living, volunteering, and studying/going to school abroad. They’re also looking for articles on language learning and cultural immersion. They don’t accept submissions about sightseeing or destination travel.

Write for Elite Personal Finance
Pay: $100 per 1,000 to 3,000-word piece.

Topics: Personal Finance

Elite Personal Finance is a reputable finance site with writers needed for guest submissions on money-related topics about personal finance, business, how to make money online, saving money, loans, credit cards, identity theft, credit reports, and more. If they like your pitch and your first article, you could become a regular contributor to the site.

Write for Design Tuts+
Pay: $250 per standard tutorial.

Topics: Web Design

Design Tuts+ is a leading web design tutorial site that accepts tutorial submissions from skilled designers on topics related to print design, typography, Adobe InDesign, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, Affinity software, and more. They’ll take everything from quick tips, to in-depth tutorials. Standard length tutorials are expected to include 25 to 30 minutes.

Write for The Sun Magazine
Pay: $100 to $3,000 per article.

Topics: Lifestyle, Health, Business, Science, Politics, Religion, Philosophy, Culture, Fiction, Poetry

The Sun Magazine is an online, ad-free magazine that covers a wide range of topics, accepting all types of submissions — from super short pieces, all the way up to 7,000 words. They pay for personal essays, fiction, and poetry.

Write for Loaded Landscapes
Pay: $20 to $150 per article.

Topics: Photography

Loaded Landscapes is a photography website geared toward nature photographers. They accept submissions that include tips, tutorials, guides for special locations, inspirational showcases, and interviews. Articles are focused on post processing (typically using Photoshop and Lightroom) as well as photography-related content (plus some video-related content).

Write for Great Escape Publishing
Pay: $150 per 300 to 600-word article.

Topics: Travel

Great Escape Publishing is a travel-focused site that accepts submissions about getting paid to travel — either by writing, producing videos, taking photos, reviewing venues, running tours, or anything else — in the form of personal essays, interviews, and articles. They’re also open to accepting submissions on importing/exporting goods, travel blogging, creating your own tours, and making extra income via side gigs.

Write for Food Tank
Pay: Unspecified $ per 800-word or less article.

Topics: Food, Agriculture

Food Tank is a site focused on exploring topics related to innovation and change in the food industry. They’re specifically looking for journalistic news stories and investigative pieces.

Write for Zift
Pay: $100 per 800 to 2,000-word article.

Topics: Parenting

Zift is a parenting site with a focus on helping parents raise their children in a technology-driven world. They’re particularly looking for evergreen, source-backed articles that offer practical and actionable advice for parents.

Write for Long Reads
Pay: $1,500 base fee for articles 3,000 words and up.

Topics: Arts & Culture, Books, Business & Tech, Crime, Current Events, Essays & Criticism, Food, Profiles & Interviews, Science & Nature, Sports, Women

Longreads is a very well-known online publication that specializes in delivering extra long feature articles on a variety of topics. They’re specifically looking for more personal essays, but also they also accept long-form journalistic pieces and investigative pieces. Feature articles are typically 3,000 to 6,000 words long, but can be longer or even broken up into a series.

Write for Copyhackers
Pay: $300 to $1,000 per article.

Topics: Writing, Business

Copyhackers is a popular online resource for copywriters, entrepreneurs, and freelancers in general. They’d love for you to pitch them a great article on how you launched/grew/shut down your business, how freelancers can get hired, advanced techniques for writers, anything about how to go viral, conversion copywriting, A/B testing, and lots more topics that are specified on their pitch page.

Write for 0C87 Recovery Diaries
Pay: $150 per 1,200 to 1,500-word article.

Topics: Mental Health

OC87 Recovery Diaries shares personal stories of mental health recovery. They’re looking for personal essays from people who feel ready to share their stories with the world publicly. Bear in mind that they don’t accept submissions to be published anonymously.

Write for Damn Interesting
Pay: Base rate of $400.

Topics: Entertainment, Facts, Education

Damn Interesting is mostly an educational website for entertainment purposes, sharing fascinating true stories about science, history, and psychology. They have a team of contributors at the moment, but if you submit an article and it does well, they could be open to bringing you on as part of their team to be a regular contributor.

That’s All for Now!

I hope you found at least one or two sites of interest on this list.

I’m planning to update this blog post regularly as the sites change (which they always do) and add more to the list to make it as extensive as I can, so make sure to bookmark it!

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