Writing prompts can be an excellent tool for freelance writers to practice their craft, overcome writer’s block, and develop new ideas. When it come to writing headlines in particular, you only have split second to capture the attention of readers.

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Headlines are the first thing people see and often determine whether someone decides to read the article. Here are 50 prompts to spark creativity:

1. “The Secret to [Desired Outcome]”: This type of headline piques curiosity by promising insider knowledge.

2. “How to [Achieve a Goal] in [Timeframe]”: This prompt suggests a clear, actionable guide with a time-bound result.

3. “[Number] Proven Methods to [Solve a Problem]”: Using numbers implies a listicle format that’s easy to digest, and “proven” adds credibility.

4. “Why You Should [Take an Action] (And How to Get Started)”: This headline offers a rationale followed by practical advice.

5. “The Ultimate Guide to [Topic]”: Suggesting comprehensive coverage on a subject can be very appealing to readers.

6. “[Common Myth] Debunked: [What’s Actually True]”: This format challenges common beliefs and promises enlightening information.

7. “[Do Something] Like [Expert or Celebrity]”: Associating a method or habit with a successful individual can draw interest.

8. “Avoid These [Number] Mistakes When [Doing Something]”: Readers often want to know what pitfalls to dodge in various endeavors.

9. “[Number] Trends [Industry/Topic] Experts Are Talking About for [Year]”: Keeping readers informed on trends makes your content timely and relevant.

10. “[Question That Your Audience Has]? Here’s [a Solution or Explanation]”: Directly addressing reader concerns can make for a compelling headline.

11. “Transform Your [Skill/Aspect] with These [Number] Simple Steps”: This headline is effective because it promises a clear and straightforward path to improvement, which is appealing for those looking to enhance a specific skill or aspect of their life.

12. “The Beginner’s Guide to Mastering [Skill/Topic]”: This is helpful as it targets novices and promises to provide them with all the information they need to start on solid footing, making the learning process seem less daunting.

13. “What No One Tells You About [Topic/Industry]”: This headline arouses curiosity by suggesting that there is insider or lesser-known information that the reader can gain an advantage from knowing.

14. “How I [Achieved a Goal/Overcame a Challenge] in Just [Timeframe]”: Personal success stories are compelling and provide a timeline for achievement, which can motivate readers to learn how they might achieve similar results.

15. “[Number] Habits of Highly Successful [Type of People]”: Lists of habits are always popular because they break down the success into actionable items that readers can attempt to incorporate into their own routines.

16. “Breaking Down the Basics: [Complex Topic] Explained”: This headline is helpful because it promises to simplify a complex topic, making it more accessible to the reader who may feel overwhelmed by it.

17. “[Unexpected Thing] That Could [Desired Outcome or Prevent Undesired Outcome]”: The element of surprise in this headline can capture readers’ attention and promises a unique perspective on achieving a goal or avoiding a problem.

18. “Join the [Topic] Revolution: [Number] Ways to Get Ahead”: This headline is effective because it suggests that there is a movement or change happening that the reader can be a part of, positioning them as a forward-thinker or early adopter.

19. “Is [Common Practice] Still Relevant in [Year]? Here’s What We Found”: This headline plays on the reader’s fear of falling behind the times and provides updated information on a common practice, which is valuable for staying current.

20. “[Number] Quick Tips to Improve Your [Skill/Process] Today”: Readers love quick, actionable advice that promises immediate improvements, making this headline very appealing for those looking for fast results.

21. “[Number] [Topic] Ideas That Will [Benefit]”: This headline is helpful because it provides a list of ideas that promise a specific benefit, appealing to readers who are looking for new inspiration or solutions.

22. “The Power of [Concept]: How It Can [Benefit or Change]”: Explaining the benefits or transformative power of a concept can offer readers new insights on how to enhance their life or work.

23. “Escape [Common Problem]: [Number] Foolproof Solutions”: Offering foolproof solutions to a common problem is compelling because it promises easy-to-follow, guaranteed ways to overcome challenges.

24. “Maximize Your [Resource] with These [Number] Strategies”: This headline is effective because it addresses efficiency and optimization, which are key concerns for readers looking to get the most out of their resources.

25. “[Number] [Topic] Secrets Every [Audience] Should Know”: The use of the word ‘secrets’ suggests exclusive knowledge, which can give readers the feeling that they are gaining an edge by reading the content.

26. “How to Leverage [Trend/Tool] for Your [Purpose/Goal]”: This headline is helpful because it shows readers how to take advantage of current trends or tools to achieve their objectives, which is particularly appealing in fast-paced industries.

27. “Unveiling the [Topic]: [Number] Surprising Facts”: Surprising facts about a topic can intrigue readers and promise them new knowledge that could change their perception or understanding of that topic.

28. “[Number] Lessons Learned from [Experience/Event/Case Study]”: Lessons learned from real-life experiences or studies provide valuable takeaways that readers can apply in their own context.

29. “The [Adjective] Guide to [Topic]: Everything You Need to Know”: This headline is a one-stop-shop promise, suggesting that the guide is comprehensive and the only resource the reader will need on the topic.

30. “[Number] [Topic] Myths Busted: The Truth Behind [Common Beliefs]”: Debunking myths is always engaging because it challenges commonly held beliefs and offers the reader the ‘real’ truth, which can be enlightening and informative.

31. “Elevate Your [Skill] with These [Number] Advanced Techniques”: This headline is helpful because it targets individuals who already have a basic understanding of a skill and are looking to take it to the next level, offering specialized knowledge.

32. “Conquer [Common Problem] with This Comprehensive Strategy”: It suggests a thorough solution to a widespread issue, which is valuable to readers seeking a detailed plan to tackle challenges they’re facing.

33. “The Surprising Impact of [Trend/Event] on [Industry/Topic]”: This headline indicates that the reader will gain fresh insights into significant developments that could affect their interests or business, making it relevant and timely.

34. “From Novice to Pro: The [Topic/Skill] Journey Demystified”: This headline is helpful because it outlines a clear trajectory for improvement, appealing to beginners who aspire to reach a professional level.

35. “[Number] [Topic] Hacks for the Time-Strapped [Audience]”: It promises quick and efficient solutions tailored to an audience with limited time, offering convenience and immediate applicability.

36. “Revolutionize Your [Aspect of Life] with [Number] Simple Changes”: This headline is compelling because it suggests significant improvement through manageable adjustments, which is attractive to those looking for impactful yet easy-to-implement strategies.

37. “[Number] [Topic] Trends Set to Dominate [Year]”: It provides forward-looking insights that can help readers stay ahead of the curve by being informed about upcoming trends in their area of interest.

38. “Unlock the Potential of [Tool/Resource] for [Purpose]”: The headline hints at maximizing the usage of a tool or resource, which is beneficial for readers looking to get more value from what they already have or are considering acquiring.

39. “[Number] [Topic] Fails and How to Avoid Them”: This headline is helpful because it not only highlights common errors but also provides solutions, which is a practical approach to learning and improvement.

40. “The [Adjective] Truth About [Controversial Topic]”: It promises an in-depth and possibly unexpected perspective on a controversial subject, which can be intriguing for readers seeking clarity or alternative viewpoints.

41. “Building a [Topic] Empire: [Number] Key Strategies for Success”: This headline is effective because it implies building something substantial and offers key strategies that are presumably tried and tested, providing a blueprint for success.

42. “[Number] [Topic] Tips That Will Change the Way You [Activity]”: It suggests that the tips provided will have a transformative effect on the reader’s usual way of doing things, which is a strong draw for those looking to improve or innovate.

43. “Navigating [Complex Topic]: A Step-by-Step Guide”: This headline is helpful as it breaks down a complex subject into manageable steps, making it less intimidating and more accessible for the reader.

44. “The Game-Changer: How [Innovation] is Reshaping [Industry]”: It indicates a significant shift in an industry due to an innovation, which is compelling for readers who need to stay informed about impactful changes.

45. “Revealed: The [Number] Golden Rules of [Topic]”: This headline suggests that the reader will learn fundamental and valuable principles that are key to understanding or succeeding in a particular area.

46. “[Number] [Audience]-Approved Methods to [Achieve Specific Result]”: It offers social proof by implying that the methods have been endorsed by a relevant audience, which can increase trust and interest in the content.

47. “Why [Topic] Is Essential for [Reason] (And How to Get It Right)”: This headline is helpful because it justifies the importance of a topic and provides guidance on how to effectively engage with it.

48. “Mastering [Skill]: A [Number]-Day Plan for Success”: It provides a structured timeline for skill acquisition, which can motivate readers to follow through with a clear end goal in sight.

49. “[Number] [Topic] Blunders That Even Experts Make”: This headline is appealing because it humanizes experts and offers reassurance to readers that everyone makes mistakes, while also providing solutions to common errors.

50. “Beyond the Basics: [Number] [Topic] Strategies for the Experienced [Audience]”: It targets an audience that is already knowledgeable and looking for deeper strategies to enhance their proficiency, offering advanced insights.

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